Legendary Wheel of Fate Randomizer

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  • Thematic Transmogrification

    Turn the "dials" to alter time and space to a point where the Randomizer selects the following:

    Note: Transmogrified selections will override Advanced Settings and Exclusions.
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Welcome to the Legendary™ Wheel of DOOM! - a Highly Customizable Web Randomizer for Legendary Encounters™.

Compatible with Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile Browsers, this randomizer has many options available to create the game you want to play!

Quick Start (a.k.a. TL;DR; Version): Select the Number of Players from the Drop down, then click the Deploy! Button, and your game will be created! All cards needed to build the various decks will be shown in detail, making it easy to put the game together. Provided you have some orginization to your cards, of course.

The Options

Transmogrification - This feature has been added to give the player control to alter time and space to the point where the Randomizer would pick the selections chosen. Each random selection of the game can be overriden - Location, Objective, and Characters. To force a selection simple choose the desired option for the setting you want to tweak. Use at Own Risk - We are Not responsible for Time Travel Sickeness. Some mutations may occur.

Exclusions - With exclusions you can select individual card sets to be omitted from the randomizer.

Legendary Encounters™ is a product of Upper Deck®