Table Monkey

Gaming is more fun when Table Monkey is there!

Table Monkey comes complete with:1
  • Online Set-up and Tracking Tools
  • Game Reference Manuals and Guides
  • Videos to Enhance your Gameplay

1. Barrels sold separately.

Table Monkey is still in training, so keep checking to see what more he can do for you!

Wheel of Fate: Legendary™

We built a feature-rich Game Set-up tool for Uppder Deck's Legendary™ System - Marvel, Encounters, Buffy, Big Trouble in Little China! One of it's main function is to help randomize the set-up, but it's feature go far beyond a mere randomizer!

Key Features:
  • Now Available as an Android or iOS app!
  • Quick Set-up Option - Just select # of plays an Assemble your Team!
  • Ability to choose which Expansions to include
  • Randomization Choices by Slot - Choose a specific Hero, Villain, Henchmen, Mastermind, Team, or even Gender!
  • Exclude specific Heroes, Villains, Villain Groups, Mastermind, and Schemes
  • And more!

Tanto Cure Randomizer

Another of our features is a randomizer for the Tanto Cure Maid Themed Deck Building Game. The randomizer will help you quickly set-up the Town, and allow you to adjust settings so you can play the game the way you want!